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UniKey provides a secure mobile platform to leading lock and access control companies.

UniKey is the smart lock pioneer and industry leader in smart access control technology.  UniKey's technology replaces keys, codes and passwords by turning your smartphone into a convenient, universal electronic key by simply touching the lock or access reader.  UniKey has partnered with leading access control manufactures to bring innovative products to market.



UniKey partners with leading locks manufactures like Kwikset and Weiser to create the world's first true smart lock - Kevo.



UniKey’s cloud based lock management solution enables multifamily properties to simply and securely manage multiple locks for each unit.


UniKey brings leading smart lock and access control technology to address the needs of commercial businesses small and large.


UniKey’s eKey (encrypted electronic key) systems, paired with our partners' leading locks for hospitality, provides the security and convenience for complete key management.

UniKey's Unique Approach

UniKey simplifies the way consumers and businesses access their homes and facilities like no other.  UniKey's unique approach to access control delivers:

Touch-to-Open® Technology

Users can keep their phones in their pocket or purse.  No more fumbling for keys, simply touch the lock to open for the ultimate convenience.

Inside/Outside Intelligence™

UniKey delivers patent-pending intelligence that detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home or building before granting access to help prevent unauthorized entry.

Smart Security

UniKey provides multiple levels of advanced security and is continually reviewed by industry-leading independent security experts.  UniKey uses multiple military-grade PKI encryptions and is not reliant on Bluetooth encryption.  

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