The Evolution is here.

UniKeyTM has partnered with Kwikset & Weiser to
create the world’s first true smart lock – Kevo.

Kevo Keyless Smart Lock Kevo Keyless Smart Lock
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Kevo Keyless Smart Lock

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CE Pro 2013 Winner
2014 Internation CES Last Gadget Standing Winner
This Old House Top 100 Best New Home Products of 2013
CES Innovation Awards 2014


No more fumbling with or looking for your keys. All you need to unlock your Kevo lock is your smartphone. You don’t even need to take your smartphone out of your pocket or purse; it’s as simple as walking up, touching your lock, and walking in. The ultimate level of convenience.

Kevo Touch-to-Open
Kevo Touch-to-Open


Kevo Smart Lock Mobile App

Your Phone Is Now Your Key

It all starts with the UniKeyTM mobile app that you can download for free from the Apple App Store. This app allows you to set up your Kevo lock, send, disable or delete eKeys, as well as manage Kevo fobs.

Compatible with Apple iPhone 4s and up. Also available for the iPod touch 5+, iPad 3+ and iPad mini+.

Now available for Android!
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No Smartphone?
No Problem.

The Kevo Fob (included with the lock) offers the same touch-to-open technology and convenience. Leave your fob in your pocket or purse and when you touch the lock, it will recognize your fob and unlock the door. Additional Kevo Fobs will be available for purchase.

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Your Key. Evolved.

Kevo was designed with simplicity in mind. The Kevo App & web portal let you send, receive and delete eKeys, see a log of lock activity or set up notifications. You only have to launch the app once and you’re done. No need to re-enter pins or passwords for every use. When you have an eKey, a simple touch of the door lock quickly locks or unlocks the door. Each and every time.

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Your Key. Evolved

Smart Security

Inside / Outside Intelligence™

Kevo also includes patent-pending intelligence that detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home before granting access to help prevent unauthorized entry.

Security Validation

Kevo provides multiple levels of advanced security and is continually reviewed by industry-leading independent security experts.

SmartKey™ Re-Key Technology

Delivers superior security & re-keying convenience in seconds without calling a locksmith.  Kevo locks are bump-proof and pick resistant (passing most stringent standard: UL 437, par 11.6).

Kevo also offers

Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology

Bluetooth 4.0 is more intelligent than previous generations, addressing the demands of today’s mobile devices while consuming minimal battery power.

Battery Power

Kevo is not reliant on your home’s power or internet for core function, instead relying on 4 AA batteries which should last a year with normal use. When Kevo batteries start to run low, Kevo will provide on-going indicators including visual light ring, audible, in app alerts and notifications.

Simple Installation

Kevo was designed with simplicity in mind. Replacing a standard deadbolt is easily accomplished with a single Phillips head screwdriver and about 5 minutes of DIY time.

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This thing is incredibly cool.
...Unlocks your door with a Magic Touch