In 2012 UniKey’s founder, Phil Dumas, went on Shark Tank and showcased a working prototype of the world’s first smart lock. Shortly thereafter UniKey became exclusively recognized as a smart lock company. In the 15 minutes Phil presented the product, the sharks and viewers were able to see its incredible built-in features. However, what they didn’t see was the concrete foundation this smart lock and its technology was laying for the future of the access control industry.

Most people know UniKey through its involvement with the Kwikset Kevo. The Kevo, powered by UniKey, however, is the closest UniKey Technologies gets to being a smart lock company, or a direct competitor to  AugustLockiTron, or Friday smart locks. In fact, UniKey views all of these lock companies as potential customers. Phil expands on this vision by stating, “while UniKey is the world’s largest smart lock company, we don’t make or sell any smart locks. Why is this? It’s because our vision is to change the way the world accesses everything, and in order to do this we cannot do it alone.”

Operating as a licensing and Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) company, UniKey was able to share its vision and technology with 15 partners, seven of which are number one in their region, in both the residential and commercial access control spaces. As a whole, UniKey is expanding its platform, technology, and ecosystem in order to offer it as a service to lock and security OEMs across the globe in an effort to transform this vision into a reality.

UniKey’s Secure Access Control Platform

The rate of adoption and support for mobile access control is growing rapidly as individuals and organizations recognize the opportunities mobile integration can hold for their products and customers. With the Kwikset Kevo, UniKey helped facilitate the adoption of smart lock technology at a residential level. However, in order to drive the acceptance of smart locks, UniKey developed a platform that would tackle all end user concerns and needs, starting with security. First off, UniKey’s platform was designed to face security threats through military-grade encryption methods. Additionally, the platform never has to compromise security for the sake of performance due to its refined scaling abilities; making the embedded software so resilient and efficient that partners can confidently host one to millions of users.

Partner with UniKey

Today, there are many companies looking to reform their legacy products in favor of producing locks and readers that will offer their users greater security, control, and experiences. To make this happen, UniKey equips partners with the greatest mobile access control platform and licensed technology that can reduce production impediments and accelerate the product’s time to market. To learn more about integrating with UniKey’s secure access control platform, visit

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