The UniKey Platform

Opening new opportunities in Physical Access Control
UniKey offers a secure and open access control platform which allows partners to rapidly develop and deploy smart access control products on a proven and scalable system. Integrate a best-in-class mobile access experience with your commercial locks or readers.

UniKey's Open Mobile Credential Ecosystem

Credentials without limits
UniKey’s open mobile credential ecosystem provides the true interoperability you’ve been looking for. It’s designed to be flexible, easy to use and cost effective, providing the same software and APIs for everyone. Be without limits, with our fully secure and open ecosystem that will give your customers a seamless and unparalleled experience.

About UniKey

UniKey Technologies is the industry leader and pioneer of smart lock and access control technology. UniKey provides companies and manufacturers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy smart lock or access control products on a proven, scaled and secure platform.

UniKey Headquarters

111 West Jefferson Street, Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32801