The Challenge

Haven is a new contender within the home security vertical, but they are no stranger when it comes to building a best-in-class lock. Haven’s flagship product, the Haven Mech, utilizes a sleek wedge barrier design that secures the lock onto the strongest part of the door, the base. Haven Mech’s physical security is unmatched when compared to a traditional deadbolt, withstanding multiple battering ram tests and front kicks to the door.

The most notable security attribute of Haven Mech’s design is the keyless form factor, making it unsusceptible to picking or bumping like traditional locks. Although this mechanical design eliminates many security threats, the major challenge that existed for Haven Mech users was the fact that doors could only be locked or unlocked from inside of the home. Users needing the additional security of Haven while outside of the home was growing, and this demand prompted the creation of Haven Mech’s counterpart, the Haven Connect.

“We developed a new and innovative locking mechanism that we think will change the industry. We realized that UniKey had already built a world-class user access system, so we felt like it would be the perfect match,” said Haven CMO, Daniel Wipert. “Haven is the lock, and UniKey is the key. The partnership is a natural fit.”

The Solution

In September 2016, Haven announced their partnership with UniKey during the week of ASIS International, one of the largest security conferences in North America. Integrating UniKey’s platform has enabled both teams to bring Haven Connect to market fast, launching in early 2018. The product extends usability, and solves Haven Mech’s limitation of “indoor only” locking by allowing activation from outside of the home through a smartphone or fob. Other benefits of Haven Connect will include, remote lock/unlocking from anywhere in the world, delivery of break-in notifications to a mobile phone, as well as the ability to integrate with other IoT devices within the home. For Haven, the opportunity to introduce a new smart lock segment is here as the Haven Connect is expected to be the first truly preventative smart lock, powered by UniKey.


Platform Solutions Used

IP Licensing / Cloud-based Access Control features / App Templates, Reference Designs & Development

Embedded & Hardware / Ecosystem Integrations / Access Control & eKey Security

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