The Challenge

Since the introduction of Bluetooth technology, automakers have been searching for ways to leverage the secure communication protocol to deliver a more fortified and convenient means of physical access control for cars. As the company that’s well known for their Evolution Series (EVO), a rear-seat infotainment system, and a wide range of other vehicle electronics and solutions, Voxx Automotive is no stranger to innovating in the auto industry. In recent years they’ve even developed their own eFob product in which consumers can use their phone as a key. However, in late 2017, Voxx Automotive decided they wanted to take their eFob product a step further. To do so, they approached UniKey with the desire to build upon its passive, Touch-to-Open® technology and scalable, digital key sharing platform in order to provide the auto industry a unique keyless entry solution.

“The relationship with UniKey allows VOXX Automotive to further accelerate our drive to eliminate the need for consumers to carry their car keys or fobs. More importantly, it represents yet another way VOXX allows OEMs to differentiate themselves from other marques in the global automotive market. In UniKey we have a partner who shares our efob Phone-as-a-Key vision.”

– Michael Schroeder, VOXX Automotive’s Senior Vice President of OEM Sales and Business Development.

The Solution

Utilizing the core tenants of UniKey’s mobile key platform, Voxx found all the tools they needed to build upon their state-of-the-art, smartphone application.“When we first spoke to Voxx, we were incredibly impressed with the eFob product,” says UniKey’s VP of Product, Will Holderness. “With Voxx’s incomparable vision and products and UniKey’s continuous goal to eliminate the need for keys in our homes, offices, and even our cars, we knew the partnership was a perfect match that could lead to an incredible access control solution for the auto industry.”

Voxx’s efforts to combine their technology with UniKey’s has helped solidify their position as the auto industry’s leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of electronic products. Their new smartphone-as-a-key, eFob product has since made the company a finalist for the PACE award by Automotive News and further recognition of their commitment to providing automakers with unrivaled electronics and solutions. The new eFob solution is expected to hit the market by the end of 2019.

Platform Solutions Used

Software Development Kits/ Firmware Development Kits/ Mobile Apps/ Web Services

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