When you’re looking to integrate mobile access control solutions into your legacy PACS products, you want to do your homework before choosing the right system and partner. The primary focus for any valuable mobile access control supplier should always be on their diligent implementation of the latest security standards and methods of encryption. However, there are several other concerns and questions your company should evaluate before choosing a supplier. For example: What transmission standard does the supplier utilize? What advantages come with partnering with the supplier? How many companies and end-users have they served? What are their plans for future technological growth? And how much support can your company anticipate from this company? The list goes on. Nevertheless, let’s begin with the first question.

Methods of Communication

Understanding and identifying a mobile access control supplier’s chosen communication protocol can help your company narrow down a long list of potential partners. For instance, if your company already uses Z-Wave then you will want to find a company that uses the same communication protocol. This will make the integration process smoother for both companies. Although, if your company is looking to take an additional step toward incorporating other connected devices that can communicate with your upcoming mobile access control product, such as thermostats, video surveillance, and voice assistants, then considering a more ubiquitous transmission may be the way to go. Eifeh Strom from ASMAG, adds that “protocols such as BLE and Wi-Fi are the most common and have the advantage of being universally available, as they are part of every computer and smartphone,” making further integrations more applicable to mobile access control solutions using these protocols.

Gaining the Competitive Advantage

In addition to determining the most advantageous transmission protocol for your mobile access control product, companies should also examine their mobile key partner’s technology. Choosing a partner that maintains a unique mobile access control system can help distinguish your product from your competitor’s as well as deliver better experiences to your end-users. Moreover, in order to save your company a huge headache, you’ll want to question all potential partners’ ability to deliver a proven, scalable system. Creating a secure and seamless environment for your customers will hinge on your mobile access control product’s ability to uphold security and functionality, whether it’s for 1 or 1,000,000+ users. Another hallmark of a sophisticated mobile access control system is its adaptability to future technology. A system that is designed with extensibility in mind will be the one to help keep your mobile access control product future-proof.

Don’t get locked In

Finally, a significant indicator of a valuable mobile key partner is their ability to comply with partners’ and end-users’ needs. Jim Romeo of SDM Magazine states that another good way to identify the right mobile key supplier is by looking at their partner system. A sign of a solid access control supplier is when your “customers do not feel locked into a proprietary system that limits their options and means they’re stuck with greater expenditures to stick with the system and its unique maintenance.” In short, look for partners that will allow your end-users the freedom to choose their credentials. Something as simple as offering key cards as well as mobile keys can ease the transition from RFID/ Magstripe cards to mobile credentials for your company’s end-users.

Choosing the right mobile access control partner can be a difficult and overwhelming process. The above points are just a fraction of what companies need to consider. To better aid in your company’s search for the right partner and solution, visit www.unikey.com.

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