UniKey's Smart Access Reader



Create new mobile solutions or bring your legacy readers online with the all-in-one Bluetooth enabled mobile access reader for Prox Cards. The reader can retrofit legacy PACS systems using Prox and easily implement optional features such as Touch-To-Open® and Inside/Outside Intelligence™ for an enhanced user experience at the door. The reader is both cost-effective and easy to install, without requiring any rewiring or paneling.

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UniKey Module

This single piece of powerful technology allows you to update and build your existing products into smart, secure access control solutions through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Achieve greater accessibility and opportunity by connecting the digital and physical security worlds through the PbU Module.

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Mobile SDKs

Integrate our mobile application into your own through straightforward documentation of system architecture; allowing your team the ability to save time and money. Our mobile SDK handles all aspects of delivering the mobile credential from cloud to Bluetooth and you handle the user experience. SDKs are currently available for iOS and Android.

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Build your own web portal by utilizing UniKey’s APIs or seamlessly integrate it into your pre-existing web infrastructure. Our APIs make it easy for anyone to add the finishing ingredients to their mobile access control solutions.

Hardware Reference Design

With UniKey’s Hardware Reference Design, you can gain a step-by-step understanding of how to build your own mobile access hardware. We operate as an extension of your engineering team to bring expertise around Bluetooth Low Energy.

UniKey's Passive Fob

Want your customers to have more options for unlocking their mobile access control solutions? UniKey’s passive fob emulates a smartphone credential for users who are looking for a physical key.

UniKey's Active Fob

Offer your customers the same level of remote locking/unlocking control as their smartphone application with UniKey’s active fob. Users merely need to be within range of the lock to use the fob’s functions.

UniKey Gateway

UniKey’s gateway gives users any time, anywhere remote locking and unlocking control of their mobile access control solutions. Combined with UniKey’s mobile application, the two offer users peace of mind and the ability to keep a close eye on their locks.