Create the true bridge between the physical and digital worlds


It's simple. Scan keys. Store them securely in the cloud. Use them whenever you need them.

Partner with UniKey and leverage our team and white label services to expedite the development process and produce digital key sharing technology. Using UniKey’s platform and secure cloud solutions, users are able to utilize a virtual keyring to send and receive digital copies of keys to and from friends and family.

Features and Benefits

Secure: UniKey's digital solutions are backed by a robust security architecture; guaranteeing risk-free digital key sharing. 

Convenient: Users will never have to worry about losing their physical keys again with an application that offers anytime, anywhere access to their personal mobile keychain. 

Customized: Our solutions are yours. Utilize our white label apps and customize the mobile and web applications with your branding.

Connected: Users can keep friends and family up-to-date on their latest keys through an intuitive app that makes digital key sharing simple. 

Technical Components

Web Services

eKey Platform: Give your customers control. eKeys allow your customers to decide who has access to their home or office. Your customers can share and retract eKeys at any time.

White Label Portal: For faster deployment, utilize UniKey’s white label portal. It’s as simple as swapping out names and logos.

Customer Insights

Partner Portal: UniKey offers partners a centralized and secure portal containing tools, information, and data that are important to you and your customers. This one-stop-shop of resources and archives provides a more streamlined and intuitive partnership.

Customer Data: Gain valuable user and product insights by accessing key performance metrics, such as  user activity, digital backups, key sharing and redemptions.


White Label Apps: A simple solution; utilize UniKey’s white label apps to deliver an out-of-the-box mobile credential app with your branding, currently available for iOS and Android.



Maintenance: UniKey's team of experts support new iOS and Android releases, while also performing routine maintenance and feature updates to keep your product performing at its best.

Customer & Developer Support: UniKey equips partners with the appropriate assistance and training to bring mobile solutions to life. We also provide your team with documentation and a customer support portal to address issues and roadblocks that may come up along the way.

Interested in digitizing your solutions?