For this year’s Samsung Developer’s Conference, the energy and excitement surrounding smart Solutions and Things was infectious. Ever since the company’s inception, Samsung has inspired a loyal customer following which stems from decades of delivering high-quality electronics and appliances to our homes and offices. This year, with their introduction of new and highly-capable Smart Solutions and Things, Samsung is ramping up for its next wave of incredible products that are sure to deliver unmatched events and experiences. UniKey’s COO, Lee Odess, was there to give us a complete run-down and his top three takeaways from the show:

1) The Tech that’s Leading the Way

This year, Samsung unveiled Bixby 2.0 and the SmartThings Cloud. With Bixby 2.0, the company is looking to expand on voice-controlled products and give consumers the reliability and efficiency they’ve been looking for from this kind of voice recognition technology. Lee stated that “because Samsung has products in homes that are “essentials” and almost always on, such as TVs and refrigerators, the opportunity is there for Bixby to deliver the same kind of reliable experiences consumers have been anticipating from voice control technology.” Samsung is also driving change and smart initiatives through its big move with their brand name SmartThings by moving all their IoT products and services to one connected ecosystem called the SmartThings Cloud. We expect this to be the very tip of the SmartThings iceberg as Samsung is developing even more ways to simplify and connect everything around us.

2) Connected Everything

With the addition of Bixby 2.0 and the SmartThings Cloud, we can see the path Samsung is forging for the future of connected technology. After the introduction of Bixby 2.0, the show moved on to showcase Samsung’s latest smart appliances as well as the company’s vision of connecting just about everything. In response to this, Lee stated that “as a platform company whose very bones are comprised of IoT connected things, I’m excited for what’s ahead and to be partnering with Samsung.” As new advancements in IoT technology and products take center-stage, UniKey envisions the future of a connected world where the smartphone and mobile key begin and end the journey to every connected experience.

3) Collaboration

Outside of the more technical aspects of this year’s SDC, Lee also noted the partnership between Google and Samsung which brought ARCore to Galaxy devices earlier this year. For the two tech giants, the project not only exhibited ground-breaking AR technology but also the high-quality products that can be actualized through strategic partnerships. “Instead of going at it alone and competing, they valued the IP, know-how, speed to market, costs, and all the other attributes collaboration brings,” Lee adds. We believe the products our team saw at SDC 2017 reflect the nature of how smart devices will be developed in these next few years. The future won’t be built by just one company, but by many.

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