UniKey Within Your App

Our APIs and SDKs can become a part of your brand.  We can incorporate access control directly into your app to create a fully intuitive user experience.  For example, your customers will be able to send and receive eKeys through the same app they already use to access your services.



Partner with UniKey

Our APIs and SDKs, Your Platform

Transactional eKeys UniKey's platform takes a simple concept—eKeys on mobile devices—and opens it up to amazing possibilities.  If your company has a program to schedule building usage or employee shifts, you can integrate our technology to provide eKey access directly from your app.  Never worry again about lost keys or unauthorized copies as you save on the costs of managing physical keys.

  • Rental by Owner eKeys make the experience of renting a home safer and easier.  There is no risk of renters gaining access after they’re supposed to have left, losing keys, or missing a drop-off time.

  • Commercial Property Management Hundreds of keys give way to a single app.  With eKey integration from the UniKey platform, your ops will be streamlined and made more secure.  Don’t rekey when a tenant leaves, just revoke their access.  Don’t worry about maintenance key pick ups and drop offs, assign them all online.  Ease of use makes for easy management.

Meetings and More Give keys to outside collaborators when you schedule meetings at your office.  Host meetups where the guest list gets automatic access.  Assign lockers without giving codes that need to be changed after use.  Anywhere your software is inviting people into a space, we can find a solution to grant them access digitally directly from your app.



Software Companies

Benefits for Software Companies

  • The UniKey platform is proven technology that can be quickly integrated into your app through our APIs and SDKs.
  • Incorporating eKey management directly into your app keeps customers in your ecosystem, increasing interaction and loyalty.
  • If you’re scheduling spaces with your software, access control is already a part of your app.  Streamline your platform by adding the ability to manage keys digitally instead of tracking mechanical keys with barcode scanners, QR codes, or manual entry.

Benefits for Consumers

  • All-in-one. Your customers will have a single solution for their scheduling and physical access.
  • Security is our priority.  Your customers can be confident that the eKeys they’re receiving from your app are backed by our time-tested, bank-level encryption.
  • Complete access control.  Your customers won’t have to put up with the hassles of costly mechanical key management or the associated risks.

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