Redefining Access Control


Our eKeys and superior user experience have gone commercial


The same patented technology that made UniKey a pioneer in the residential smart lock space is now available for commercial applications.  Integrate a best-in-class mobile access experience with your commercial lock or reader.  Your customers do not need to sacrifice convenience for security and pay a premium.


UniKey's SR2 Smart Reader

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Easily bring bluetooth readers, locks, and credentials into your products by using UniKey's Mobile Key platform

With a sophisticated design and best-in-class user experience, UniKey's SR2 gives OEMs the perfect foundation for smarter access

Your customers want to use mobile phones for accessing their offices, restaurants, etc.  What they do not want are more keys or cards. Don't be a victim of an outdated product, over priced and complicated 3rd party providers, or risks in doing it yourself (costs, timeline, and security).  We can get you to market fast, with the most advanced and affordable technology on the market, providing the best at door experience for your end users, all with low risk.


Create new mobile solutions or bring your legacy readers online with the all-in-one Bluetooth enabled mobile access reader for prox cards. The reader can retrofit legacy PACS systems using prox, and easily implement optional features such as Touch-to-Open® and Inside/Outside Intelligence™ for an enhanced user experience at the door. The SR2 reader is both cost effective and easy to install, without requiring any rewiring or paneling. 


Commercial PACS OEMs

Your connected access control solution is stronger with UniKey


Benefits for OEMs

  • Work with a partner that has been developing smart access control products since the very beginning.
  • Reduce your risks by letting us navigate the technical, legal, security and financial roadblocks you will face by “doing it yourself."
  • Use our proprietary technologies to integrate Touch-to-Open® and Inside/Outside Intelligence™ into your lock or access reader and deliver your customers the best at door experience on the market.
  • Our engineers are experienced in adapting cutting edge technology to fit your product fast.  We augment your team.
  • UniKey's platform is massively scalable and built to be secure from the ground up.


Benefits for Consumers

  • Best-in-class user interaction. When your lock or reader is powered by UniKey, your customers will have a seamless access experience.
  • eKeys give your customers smarter access and allow them to decide who has access to their office and when.
  • Cloud-based access management features means your customers can share and retract eKeys at any time. A business can give employees timed access to make sure they’re not in the office when they’re not supposed to be.  
  • Reduce the need for costly mechanical key and access card management by moving to smart phone control.
  • Security is our priority. Your customers can be confident in our time-tested, bank-level encryption for protecting what’s important to them and their businesses.

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