The Next Frontier in Mobile Access


UniKey’s patented mobile access technology is poised to redefine the way we interact with our vehicles.  Our Passive Intent™ user experience can make it easy for anyone with a modern smartphone to access their vehicle without a key.  And that’s only the beginning.  Mobile devices will be at the heart of the connected car, and UniKey can be your key to defining that experience for your customers.


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The eKey can transform the way your customers interact with their vehicles


Keys Without Limits Your customers can send and manage eKeys for their vehicles from anywhere in the world.  Mom and Dad can control when the kids can use the family car.  Rental companies can skip the check-in counter.  Ride-shares can open only for their intended driver or passenger.  The possibilities are endless.

Passive Intent No more fumbling for keys.  UniKey’s Passive Intent™ technology lets users unlock their car without ever taking their phone out.  As they approach, the lock senses their proximity and grants them access when their credentials are confirmed.



Automobile Manufacturers

Benefits for your Brand

  • Mobile will be at the heart of the connected car.  Work with a partner that has been developing smart locks with mobile device access since the very beginning.
  • Open your vehicles to new markets such as rentals, ride-shares, online cab services, and more with easy access control.
  • Reduce your risks by letting us navigate the technical, legal, and financial roadblocks you will face by “doing it yourself".
  • Use our patented technologies to integrate Touch-to-Open® and Inside/Outside Intelligence™ into your connected car locks.
  • Our engineers are experienced in adapting cutting edge technology to fit your product fast.


Benefits for Consumers

  • Security is our priority.  Your customers can be confident that the same time-tested, bank-level encryption from our smart locks is keeping their vehicle secure.  
  • UniKey technology gives your customers more control than ever over who can access their vehicle and when. eKeys can be fully managed online, making them a great fit for commercial vehicle management and shared family cars.
  • Unbeatable convenience.  Your customers will have one less thing to carry when their keys are on the same mobile device they already use at the center of their connected car.

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