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Your product can be more than just your product.  Connect your smart device to the hundreds of thousands of locks worldwide that are already powered by UniKey.  Let us help you join the connected ecosystem by working with our team to turn our IoT relationships into connectivity your customers will love.  



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Your device grows as its network grows

The smart lock is the start of a customer’s experience when entering their smart home.  Make your device the next step in that experience.

  • True Home and Commercial Automation Using UniKey's APIs allows you to take your customers down the path of true home and commercial automation.  Our technology can empower your locks to know who is coming and going, and your device can as well.  Automatically have your product respond to a customer getting home or to the office or leaving for the day without them having to press a single button.

  • Two way integrations There are hundreds of thousands of locks powered by UniKey being used every day.  Each of these locks is compatible with a suite of smart devices ranging from the Nest Thermostat, to the Skybell HD doorbell, and more.  When you integrate with UniKey, you’ll join this already thriving ecosystem.



IoT Device Manufacturers

Benefits for IoT Device Manufacturers

  • Work with an established company to help build out your IoT ecosystem.  We put the first smart lock on the market, and have been building our connectivity partnerships ever since.

  • Connect your product to the hundreds of thousands of customers using UniKey products worldwide.

  • Bring our access control solutions directly into your product.  Whether you’re ready to release your own smart lock, or want to add access control to another area of the smart home or office, our engineers are experienced in adapting cutting edge technology to fit your needs fast.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Your customers will be more confident in their purchase knowing that they can integrate your device with their smart lock.

  • Incorporating entry-based automation into the smart home or commercial space increases the usefulness of your connected device for your customers.

  • Customers gain a seamless experience interacting with their smart home or commercial space  when all of their devices can communicate with each other.


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