The Leader in Smart Access Control Technology

UniKey invented the first residential smart lock in 2010 with the mission of replacing the entire keychain with your phone in a more convenient way than a key.  We have since established 17 partnerships worldwide, obtained over 12 access control patents, raised more than $20mm in venture capital and debt and expanded into the commercial and automotive industries.  As the smart lock market continues to see growth, UniKey remains focused on building a secure mobile key platform that allows for secure and convenient mobile access control solutions for everyone. Join over a dozen individuals and companies who are invested in UniKey's future and vision of connecting the digital and physical security worlds. 


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Phil Dumas

Founder & CEO, UniKey Technologies

Passionate alternative access control visionary with over a decade of experience delivering mass market consumer products. Notably, Phil ran the SmartScan program, the first mass market biometric residential door lock. Phil also has a background in private equity, with two $100mm+ asset turnarounds. Phil founded UniKey in 2010 and holds a BSEE from the University of Central Florida.

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