Digital Transformation: The Next Generation of PACS Powered by UniKey

If you take a look around you’ll notice that we’re entering into a new technological era. The world is stepping away from complicated autonomous systems and moving toward a digital transformation characterized by electronics with embedded systems and interconnected cloud spaces. However, this isn’t the first big transformation. Take a look at the technology around you. Our flip phones have transformed into smartphones, our bulky home computers have become two-pound portable laptops, and even our vehicles are becoming smarter with self-driving cars entering the market by 2020. There’s no doubt that a new trend is on the rise and it’s shaping the future of the technological market. As this trend evolves, so will its consumers who will set “higher expectations for their systems,” says Karyn Hodgson of SDM Magazine. Because of this, certain devices will become antiquated in the eyes of consumers and businesses will find themselves looking for ways to keep up with this ever-changing era.

As a company that has revolutionized the key, we firmly believe in being ahead of the game and continue to strive toward technological advances. In a recent article Hodgson adds “One of the biggest developments is the trend toward integrators leveraging wireless solutions powered by mobile devices, using technologies like NFC and BLE.” A study done by IHS shows that the market for ACaaS (with particular focus in mobile access) will grow exponentially within the next four years. The market is expected to double between 2014 and 2018 to yield more than $344 million in revenue. With these reports in mind, it’s important to understand that companies that remain passive in a time where our technology is rapidly advancing could fall behind and run the risk of losing their position in the market. Today we can already see businesses like Intellitix and Immotec falling behind as more PACS manufacturing companies begin the digital transition. We at UniKey wish to prevent the stagnation of PACS companies by equipping them with the world’s most powerful access control platform, UniKey CORE.

Know Your CORE Benefits

Transitioning into this new digital era can be difficult and costly for companies. However, with our CORE platform your company can breathe easy knowing that there are several benefits to using our technology. For starters, your business will not have to start from scratch as we will help you skip ahead of early developmental costs. Our CORE platform consists of reference designs for hardware (readers and mullions) and white-label mobile/web apps that hook into our cloud based electronic key (eKey) ecosystem. All of these components can be modified to coalesce into your company’s upcoming product lines. Working with us also means that you can avoid all the security, technical, legal, and financial barriers that can be expected when developing your PACS products. With all potential roadblocks aside, your company can expect rapid development and product launch within a six to nine month period. CORE also presents our partners with some of the most advanced technology as our best-in-class IP can be included in the readers, apps, and web services you’ll bring to market. Furthermore, scalability will not create any issues for growing businesses since our platform is always built to scale. This means that every user, old or new, will added to the ecosystem will be accommodated. Finally, perhaps the most important topic at hand is your company’s data security. Too many times companies have lost indispensable information to hackers and other technological threats. This is why we subject our work to several tests and regulations. Below, the introduction to our PACS system will touch a little more on our products’ security.

Bridge the Gap with UniKey’s PACS System

It’s clear to see we work hard to meet the needs of our partners. Our ACaaS platform for commercial PACS manufacturers presents businesses with several options and benefits, which include our smart commercial reader and mullion, mobile and web apps, and cloud web services that manage electronic keys. Our sophisticated reader contains a built-in Wiegand converter and can read Bluetooth® low energy levels; enabling the use of both mobile access & RFID technology. Additionally, our reader comes enabled with UniKey’s patented Touch-to-Open™ technology and can be integrated into your company’s products.

Just like our reader, our mobile and web apps can be customized to create an interface that best reflects your company’s vision through UniKey’s Design Services Team. Your business can also trust that our mobile and web apps are secured by a sophisticated PKI architecture that will ensure the confidentiality of all encrypted data. These services are offered in two different forms: a mobile SDK for your developers or turnkey branded applications (mobile & web); both solutions provide full flexibility in design for your company. Similarly, our cloud web service offers an API and SDK that uses the same PKI architecture to seamlessly encrypt credentials in the cloud for safe eKey transmission. In addition, these web services will make all future integrations and software updates available to your users.

At UniKey we work toward a future full of partnerships with fellow PACS manufacturers. We’re making digital transformation easier and more affordable for companies in hopes that it’ll lead to the advancement of technology as a whole. Working in unison, we have the potential to make more and spend less. A study was done by Forrester Research in 2012 which documented that “nearly 60 percent of all corporate employees shared, accessed and managed content outside of the office through mobile devices.” Considering the fact that we’re now four years into the technological future, we can only foresee this number having grown exponentially since then. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that technology and its consumers are progressing. As PACS manufacturers it’s our responsibility to keep meeting consumer expectations by producing the building blocks of tomorrow.


In his work “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” Alan Turing wrote “we can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.” This is why we invite you to join us in the advancement of our industry; for together we’ll achieve more. If you wish to learn more information about our platform, please contact one of UniKey’s mobile access experts today.