WaveLynx Technologies, a developer of customizable physical security readers and credentialing, announces a strategic partnership with UniKey Technologies, the largest smart access control platform provider. The collaboration is focused on delivering best-in-class mobile access experiences to users.

As more organizations are seeking to transition from legacy access control hardware, these solutions offer a seamless, intelligent and flexible resolution. Secure Bluetooth® credentialing services, like those offered by WaveLynx and UniKey, present more opportunities to access control manufacturers and their customers. By leveraging a highly robust platform that offers a whole new seamless experience, this solution is ahead of traditional systems that make it difficult to let the right people in. In an effort to make access easier and more intuitive for authorized users, WaveLynx and UniKey are changing the landscape to reflect the needs of the industry.

“This partnership between WaveLynx and UniKey will help bridge the physical and digital security worlds and bring more flexible and secure solutions to the PACS industry,” said Hugo Wendling, President, WaveLynx Technologies. “These joint technologies allow us to provide our partners with a solution for their customers that affords a greater sense of security.”

“A lot of traditional access control systems make the at-door experience a tedious one. With mobile technology, we’re able to save users the time and frustration of fumbling for their keys and keycards,” said Phil Dumas, Founder and CEO of UniKey. “By merging WaveLynx’s access control hardware and identity management systems with UniKey’s mobile IP, we’ll deliver an unrivaled user experience without any cumbersome processes, while still maintaining the highest level of security, convenience, and control.”

The joint mobile solutions WaveLynx and UniKey are developing are expected to launch in late 2018.

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About WaveLynx Technologies Corporation
Founded in 2013 and based in Broomfield, Colorado, WaveLynx Technologies Corporation offers open and secure access control solutions for its customers. The WaveLynx Team has over 100 years of combined experience in hardware design, access control and identity management, delivering innovative products and services to its customers. WaveLynx Ethos readers provide a seamless transition from legacy credentials to smart cards and mobile credentials, while the LEAF Compatibility program ensures customers’ freedom to select multiple manufacturers. For more information about WaveLynx, please visit http://www.wavelynxtech.com.

About UniKey
UniKey Technologies, the world’s largest smart access control platform provider, is changing the way the world accesses everything by replacing the entire keychain with your phone. With the most secure and convenient mobile key platform, UniKey is empowering access control manufacturers with the tools to future-proof their legacy systems. Leveraging Touch-to-Open® and Inside/Outside Intelligence™, UniKey’s platform powers an unparalleled, passive user experience. UniKey serves the access control industry by licensing its technology, and partnering with market-leading companies in the residential, commercial, automotive industries, and beyond. For more information on UniKey, please visit http://www.unikey.com.

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