As a majority of you already know, last week’s ISC West was a big success with over 30,000+ security professionals making their way to the Sands Expo for a look at the latest security trends and technology. UniKey was lucky enough to have a few members of our Senior Leadership team attend the show and come back with some insights on the trade show. We sat down with, Roy Johnson, our VP of Strategic Accounts to hear his thoughts.

What trends stuck out to you?

Roy: The idea of the mobile credential is starting to mature and gain adoption. There was a lot of interest in the technology last year but this year we’re seeing a shift in adoption beyond just the early adopters and first movers.  This is starting with crossover reader products that can process both mobile and legacy card credentials. I expect us to quickly see a shift to readers that abandon legacy card technology entirely.

How can these trends be applied to UniKey’s platform?

Roy: These trends are at the center of what UniKey does, clearly.  However, what sets us apart is that our platform and IP portfolio were built from the ground up to achieve a user experience that is more convenient than a standard access card or fob.  To truly realize proliferation of the mobile credential it has to be better than what we have now. In some cases, it’s way more complicated to use a mobile credential with some offerings than a standard card. Opening a door with your phone is interesting. Opening a door with a phone that you never have to interact with or remove from your pocket is actually easier and more convenient than standard cards.

What do you think the trends will be at next year’s ISC West?

Roy: We will see more collaboration and partnerships in the space. Keeping mobile apps up to date, managing complex backend server infrastructures and service level agreements is miles away from the core business expertise of most reader OEMs. Beyond that, the mobile credential really transcends the PACS industry in the long run. These credentials are being used to open the doors to homes, automobiles, hotels, and of course the office.  The opportunities for innovation when all of these doors are connected and the data that provides from an ecosystem point of view is a game changer. That will be the foundation for truly intelligent and adaptive security that doesn’t inconvenience the people that should have access to an area while keeping others out.

What do you think differentiates UniKey from other companies you saw at the show?

Roy: Experience. UniKey is the largest mobile credential platform in the world with over 350,000 locks powered by us across 65 countries. We are experts when it comes to mobile credentials and the technologies surrounding them, it is our sole focus. More importantly, we recognize the immense value that our partners bring to the table in the form of manufacturing, distribution, and domain expertise for their vertical. When you work with UniKey to put a mobile credential in your product, you are working with a true partner. That is something we believe very strongly in.

Roy couldn’t have said it better. Working with our partners, Unikey aims to provide the very best in mobile access control solutions. To learn more about our platform and how you can work with us, visit

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