At Door Experience (IP Licensing)

Give your customers an unrivaled At Door experience.

  • Touch-To-Open® (Passive Intent)  A simple tap is all you need to access your device. Your customers won’t be fumbling for phones or keys.
  • Inside / Outside Intelligence™ and Auto Calibration  We use machine learning within the lock to know whether your customer is inside or outside their home. They’ll never be locked out, and no one unwanted will be let in. Combined with state of the art auto calibration, the result delivers a lightning fast lock and unlock experience.

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Cloud-Based Access Control Features

We’ve built the architecture you need to expand.

  • API / SDK   It’s easy to develop software that works with our platform. Our API and SDK are fully open to your engineers.
  • eKeys  Our eKeys travel with your customers through the cloud. They’ll never be locked out again.
  • Authentication  Verified every time, everywhere. Your customers will be safe thanks to our custom-built secure cloud authentication system for access control.
  • Security  Your customers are safe with us. We use bank-level encryption to ensure your customers’ credentials are secure.

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App Templates, Reference Designs & Development

We’ll make you a part of the app economy from mobile to web.

  • UI Design  Go with the flow. Our designers specialize in making your user interface intuitive.
  • Mobile / Web / Wearables  It’s all about the apps. We have white label applications ready for your business to reach your customers fast.
  • Release Management  Deploy on time. We’ll work with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to get you launched on mobile, and we’ll work with your engineers for API and web deployments.

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Embedded & Hardware

Best-in-class design starts with the highest quality hardware.

  • Machine Learning  Our smart locks get smarter. Locks powered by UniKey get better at recognizing customer’s behavior the more they are used, delivering a better experience every day.
  • Board Design  The perfect fit. We’ll design circuit boards and electro-mechanical systems for the exact needs of your product.
  • Testing & Certification  Be confident. For instance, we will walk you through FCC and BLE certification to make sure your product is ready to launch.
  • Full Service  We’re connected. We have relationships worldwide with manufacturers, electrical & mechanical engineers, etc to set up and scale your product.  We are happy to make introductions to the contacts you need.

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Ecosystem Integrations

Your device will be truly connected when you join our ecosystem of ready-built integrations.

  • Cloud-to-Cloud  Work well with others. When you have UniKey under the hood, your device will be able to communicate back and forth with the cloud services your customers already use.
  • Software (Mobile  / Wearable / Web apps)  Right there with you. We can integrate our technology directly into your existing apps for a seamless user experience.
  • IoT Devices  The door is just the beginning. Your product can communicate with other smart devices like the Nest Thermostat, Skybell HD Doorbell, and more.
  • API  The sky’s the limit. With access to our API, your team can continuously build out new integrations.

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Access Control and eKey Security

Give your customers peace-of-mind with our advanced Bluetooth security.

  • Authorization  True access control. Electronic authorization verifies the permissions of every user attempting to interact with your product.
  • Encryption  Always secure. Our Bluetooth communication is verified from point-to-point to ensure secure data isn’t authorized by the wrong device.
  • Cryptography  Security out of the box. We use a PKI architecture to encrypt your customer’s credentials in the cloud and directly at the door.

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