For UniKey Technologies, 2017 has been a momentous year full of expansion and collaboration. With several products coming to life this year and nearly a dozen scheduled to launch in 2018, the company is rapidly delivering secure mobile access control solutions all over the world. Additionally, the company has not only seen great developments externally but internally as well. Since the beginning of the year, UniKey has filled key roles on the executive team to support further expansion plans next year.

For the original disruptors and creators of the mobile key market, the year has also been one of substantial growth across several key verticals, which will define the company and its success in the upcoming years. Upon the establishment of several strategic partnerships, the organization continues its expansion in the Commercial space while also focusing on opportunities in the Automotive industry. To expand on UniKey’s 2017 goals and successes and gather more insight into future endeavors, we sat down with Phil Dumas, Founder and CEO, and Lee Odess, COO.

Q1: What was UniKey’s biggest goal in 2017?

PHIL: Enabling as many major lock and access control companies to go mobile.
LEE: Continuing our expansion into the Commercial market and building the products we put under contract in 2016.

Q2: What motivated UniKey to develop a more open platform this year?

PHIL: There was great market demand for more open solutions. We also wanted to offer our partners more interoperability, which in turn can offer their users a more seamless at-door experience.

Q3: What do you see being the most significant access control trend in 2018?

LEE: Real mobile credentials and Bluetooth enabled readers built and supplied by (and for) the PACS OEMs.

Q4: What is UniKey going to focus on in 2018?

PHIL: 2018 will be very much like 2017, we’ll continue to focus on working with lock manufacturers and access control companies in order to replace the physical keychain with mobile solutions.
LEE: In 2018, we’ll also focus on delivering products all over the world, and continue to deepen our roots in Residential and Commercial and focus on the Automotive industry.

Q5: How will UniKey distinguish itself from its competitors in 2018?

PHIL: We will continue to partner with market-leading companies with exceptional manufacturing, branding, and distribution to proliferate mobile key technology to the masses.

UniKey is moving fast and making technological advances throughout all key verticals. With every partnership, the original producers of the mobile key are working to deliver a better at-door experience for all; improving the security and convenience of our homes, offices, and cars. In 2018, we expect to see some extraordinary smart security solutions that will bring progress to the physical security world. To learn more about UniKey Technologies, visit

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