From its very inception, connected technology has been shaping our world into a more convenient and efficient place. The installation of smart sensors in traffic lights are anticipated to decrease congestion in highly populated areas. Connected healthcare devices are allowing hospitals and doctors to actively monitor patients from any remote location. In the case of industrial production, companies like AirBus have been utilizing connected tablets, glasses, and robotic tools to significantly speed up the production of their aircrafts. Across the globe, there are several examples of connected technology and its smart applications making our world a more efficient and convenient place to live in as the digital and physical aspects of our lives merge. In UniKey’s case, we’re using connected technology to change the way the world accesses everything, by replacing the entire keychain in a more convenient way than a key.


In the residential market, there’s still a lot of work to be done to improve the way people unlock their front doors. Leveraging cloud-powered, IoT applications, and Bluetooth Low Energy, UniKey is creating a whole new at-door experience where users only need their smartphone to unlock their front door. As the world begins to bring everything online, UniKey is creating the beginning and end to the experiences by the convergence of the digital and physical world. With unique integrations with connected devices and applications like IFTTT and Amazon Alexa, residential locks that are powered by UniKey’s mobile key platform can begin interactions and individualized events the moment users Touch-To-Open® their smart locks. Now imagine, this similar kind of technology in the automotive industry as users lock their front doors and continue the experience in their cars.


The mobile key experience should not be something that begins and ends with the home. At UniKey, we visualize a world where cars can be accessed with the very same smartphone application that locks and unlocks your front door. Not only that, but with the momentous changes that autonomous technology is bringing to the automotive industry, cars should also be able to recognize and customize themselves according to their passengers. With ride-hailing services like Uber, Lyft, and GM’s Cruise looking to make their vehicles autonomous, the process of confirming that a passenger is who they say they are just got trickier. By using UniKey’s eKey technology and Inside/Outside intelligence™, ride-hailing applications can work with the digital key app to confirm the passenger’s identity. The vehicle can then adjust its settings (seat positions, temperature, and music) according to the rider’s historic preferences; similar to the adjustments a home will go through when UniKey powered locks or readers are triggered.


Statistically speaking, the majority of us spend a considerable amount of time at work. This is why UniKey is bringing commercial buildings and offices the same kind of integrated, mobile key technology. Securing commercial buildings with UniKey powered readers won’t just provide a stronger access control solution, but also the potential for interoperability. This means that if a person goes from one office building where they have an authorized mobile credential, they may use this same app and credential to access other buildings with UniKey powered locks or readers. Of course, the user will need to be authorized to use their mobile key for other locations. Nonetheless, this makes credentialing more secure and efficient.

Merging the Digital and Physical Worlds

Almost every industry in the world is experiencing great changes and progress by utilizing technology that connects the digital and physical world. As advancements take place and more historically offline devices make their way online, we’ll be given the opportunity to simplify the more rigorous and time-stealing tasks in favor of smart and efficient solutions. To learn more about the opportunities for connecting the digital and physical worlds, visit

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